3 Things I Learned This Year in Business

Becoming a business owner has been one of the most challenging parts of my life thus far. Not in a bad way, but it’s allowed me to learn SO much. I feel like there is an endless amount of resources and tips you can gather in your brain. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but after some reflection and experiences, I thought I’d share with you 3 things I learned this year in business.

There’s more fish in the sea.

After having a rough patch where I felt like I was being unappreciated, manipulated, and disrespected by a past client, I was feeling an overwhelming amount of imposter syndrome and anxiety. What if that’s it? What if I never find another client to work with again? I had to constantly remind myself (and still have to remind myself) that there are SOOOO many businesses out there looking for help. There’s no way I will let myself get to think that I will be a failure or I won’t be able to pay my bills. If there’s a will, there’s a way…. as cheesy as that sounds.

Do what works for you.

There’s so much advice online, especially on Instagram and Tik Tok. Which is amazing, don’t get me wrong. But until I took that advice with a grain of salt or I kind of muted it out, I started to find what actually worked for ME. Business and entrepreneurship is not a ONE-SIZE FITS ALL. Take the advice that others project with a grain of salt, try new things, and don’t stress about a system that doesn’t work for you. Reflect on what doesn’t work and find what does.

Only write 3-5 Tasks on your To-Do List.

I swear, I’ve wasted sooo much time on writing out to-do lists. These lists were NOVELS too. I really put a lot on my plate because I’m the type of person who wants to get a lot done. It feels good to get things done, but OMG my to-do lists were not achievable. I’ve noticed if I wouldn’t get everything done on my to-do list, I would simply write out another the next day. So much time was wasted on that… And then if I didn’t get everything done, I’d feel so drained at the end of the day and not feeling good. With that, I’ve started to write out 3-5 tasks with high, medium, and low priorities. This has helped me get off my computer earlier in the day and feel accomplished.

It may not seem like a lot, but some of these things I learned this year in business have helped me develop better habits and feel more empowered. Here’s to a new year and learning more, accomplishing goals, and taking care of ourselves!! Cheers!


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