5 Things I Need From You Before I Can Design Your Website

There is a lot of preparation before a designer can design the perfect website for your business.

There are equal parts collaboration and the actual design process.

Unfortunately, web designers can’t read minds and need to know the ins and outs of your business so they can strategically create a website custom for you, so you can attract and connect with your dream clients and customers. This is where the collaboration and efforts on your end help a TON.

But don’t fret, I am here to help you prepare to work with a website designer (cough cough me!! ) Here are 5 things I need from you before I can design your website!!

1. Strategy

The strategy portion is pretty broad, but let me explain. Knowing your target audience, mission, goals, measures of success, brand guidelines, and expectations is a super high priority when designing a strategic and timeless website that will convert your audience into customers/clients. This probably won’t be new to you, but there’s always an option to get on a call to talk through it. I definitely need to talk through strategic decisions with colleagues so I’d be happy to do that with you as well!

2. Copy

Lucky for you, I can pair you up with some badass copywriters that will help you craft the copy for your website. Realistically though, at least 80% of your copy should be written so we can design and strategize your website around that. Copy and pasting the copy into your website is totally part of the design process. If there’s no copy, it’s more difficult to place things and can cause us to backtrack. I highly believe in moving forward, so I’d hate for this to make us backtrack our steps. Quick Tip: Schedule your website design project at least a month in advance so I can help guide you to typing out that copy and by the time your project is ready to get started, we have most of it complete and you won’t have to worry about it anymore!

3. Photography

You might have heard designers say this multiple times, but honestly… photography can make or break the website design. It’s so important to have high-quality photos that resonate well with your branding and your website design. A lot of the time, designers actually make creative decisions based on the photography you provide them, so this is such an important thing to have prepared for when the website design process starts!

4. Time

Once you book your spot with me to build out your website, it’s important to set time aside for any calls or file requests. There is some client homework that goes along with collaborating on a website build, so having extra time in your busy schedule to complete these tasks for the project to move along smoothly, is crucial!

5. Commitment

Booking a website design project can be pretty time-consuming, a hefty investment, and require some patience. Being fully committed and excited about the project instead of it being a drag supports the quality of the experience and the project itself! Definitely communicate any questions or concerns to the designer. I personally, truly value open honest communication when working with clients to ensure their experience is grand!

I hope these preparation tips help!! If you have any questions about how you can prepare to work with a website designer, reach out. I’d be happy to help and talk more about it with you!

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