5 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

If you feel like you’re kinda blending in the crowd or not feeling proud of your current brand, here are some things you can do to spice things up a bit!

→ Custom Type

Refresh your current branding by using custom type. Whether it’s for your logo, headings, graphics, creating your own font, and whatever else you can think of — customizing typefaces are a unique way to add some personality!

→ Artistically Directed Photography and Content

Brand and product photography for your business is essential for marketing, but planning it out before the shoot is just as important. It gives you the opportunity to research, create mood boards, and collect all the props and materials ahead of time.

Then you won’t be scrambling to direct your photographer last minute and magic is crafted!

→ “Out-of-the-Box” Designed Templates

Tools like Canva and Figma are great for business especially if you’re not a designer or need templates to quickly use. Try different layouts, GIFs, and graphics for your templates so they don’t look like the generic ones that they already provide. Maybe sketch out the templates before you create them to get an idea!

→ Unique Web Features

What’s cool about Showit is that you can literally customize anything. Whether it’s drag and drop or by using code. Adding SVG graphics to your site, transitions for movement, adding video, GIFs, and additional fun pages can create a fun experience for your visitors.

→ Use your brand for literally EVERYTHING.

Whether you have a new offer, have in-take forms and applications, contracts, client gifts, etc. branding everything will build brand awareness and create recognition that clients will appreciate and leads will be obsessed with.

Sound like a lot, have no time, or don’t know where to begin?

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