Markowski Studio is a creative brand and digital marketing studio honed in on developing multi-platform, strategic visual identities for industry-defining brands. We are a home base for jack of all trades who want to channel their brilliance into an irresistible business. We are your one-stop studio for strategy, branding, website design, photography, and social media management.

We are here to provide you with the tools, support, encouragement, and versatility you need to solidify your legacy.


Empowering multi-passionate entrepreneurs to embrace their do-it-all nature



Meet Morgan Markowski

Growing up, I was notorious for my creativity and out-of-the-box ideas that were too big for my own good. I gravitated towards the arts and was always inspired by art shows, travel, and photography. When it came time to start making big life and career decisions, I felt like everyone tried to force me into a box, influencing me and directing me towards jobs that just didn’t feel like *me*. They made it seem like there were a set of rules to life that we’re all meant to follow. But I always knew that it wasn’t true.

Both my degrees and my experience allow me to create brands, websites, and designs that are timeless, attractive, and rooted in culture as a whole. And, while my formal education serves me every day working with clients at Markowski Studio, my passion for creativity and willingness to explore and experiment does just the same. 

I believe life is about making a difference, being a good person, sharing big ideas, and empowering others to accomplish their goals. Those beliefs run deep in every client that I work with, business that I support, and design that I create.

The world as we know it has a funny way of making us feel like we can’t be ourselves, and turn our passions into a career. But, once I set my mind on what I wanted to do, I went to Columbia College Chicago and received a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History.

Markowski Studio is a safe space for you to share your biggest dreams and, in return, receive curated, timeless, strategy-supported solutions to help make those dreams come true.






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We know the power of a genuine, kind word and are committed to spreading encouragement and affirmation, and allowing others to shine.


Humans are complex, textured, and layered beings. We embrace the art of getting comfy with each layer and falling deeper in with self. It is our intention to create a safe community that owns their authentic, unpolished, yet to be discovered layers while we do the same with our own.


A primary foundation of trust. We will never claim to have all the answers, but we promise to seek them out. We believe that information should be widely accessible–knowledge made available so skills can be sharpened and shared.


We own our uniqueness. Therefore, comparison does not exist. While there is nothing new under the sun, we encourage originality and variety. We provide entrepreneurs the space to show up and express themselves in their own unique way.


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