Markowski Studio was founded in 2020 after a 10 day camping trip to Utah. I started it by going all in with portrait photography, then having a couple virtual assistant clients (loved my clients — hated the VA world)  which lead me back to my roots of graphic design. In just the first year of Markowski Studio's birth, we expanded from being a one person show, to contracting multiple creatives to collaborate on projects. Our product suite went from doing just visual identities and websites to offering a variety of strategic branded packages, including pre-made customizable Showit website templates, that will benefit your business in all directions. 

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My name is Morgan Markowski. I'm a multi-passionate visionary who resides in the suburbs of Chicago. Before and after graduating art school, I’ve freelanced graphic design, photography, creative art direction, and film for 9+ years. I’ve work with brands who’ve been featured in Oprah Magazine, Bloomberg, Yahoo, RollingStones, and more. I’ve always contemplated on what direction I wanted to put my all in, though I feel like it was my calling to be multi-talented in order to share my expertise, imagination, and education to as many people as possible. Art is meant to be shared after all. My artistic and creative inspiration comes from nostalgia and analog documentation. Listening to people's stories and documenting them is just the start of how I help them transform their stories into works of art. I work with businesses all around the world to help them build an authentic brand story and strategy to attract their dream clients.

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CV /

Bachelor’s of Art’s in Graphic Design, Columbia College Chicago 2014-2018

Google UX Design Certification 

1973: Pro-Choice Voices, Group Exhibition, 2019
Digital Art with Chicago Art Department, Funds donated to Yellowhammer Fund.

The Artist’s Journey: A TWAAP Showcase, Group Exhibition, 2017
Four Portraits showcased i the gallery space during the writers performances. Art Gallery Curated by Savannah Phillips.

Lucid Recollections, Group Exhibition, 2016
Four artists at Side Street Studio Arts. Their work includes diverse media and processes but hinges on the preservation or destruction of real or imagined memories.

Cultural Arts on the Fox Group Exhibition, 2014
Otto Engineering building filled with photography, mixed media, painting, ceramics, jewelry, etc.


Fux with Magazine, Article about Markowski Studio, 2021

All-Female Menu, Issue 2, Photography, 2019

Refinery 29, Image for collaboration, Article written by Megan Decker, 2017



If I undervalue my work, I know that it can undervalue others' experiences. I know my worth and I approach it with the highest level of excellence and expertise that I possible can. The value of saying "no" is self care. My intuition breathes balance. Each and every experience shapes me into who I am. It will never hold me back from providing the best solutions and results. Every experience helps me grow to where I can then help empower others.


No Carbon Copy Cookie-Cutter Bullshit here. Uniqueness in processes, minds, and art makes me not for everyone, just like not everyone is for me. I'm incomparable to other's, other's are incomparable to me. I embrace originality with variety. Plagiarism and copycats can leave. There is art in every soul and I embrace it. My community is safe for all beings. You will never feel left out. Never left with questions unanswered and worries not reassured. Though experimentation builds room for failure, I'm not afraid to fail. I'm willing to take risks that discover the best results and learning curves. It's what makes us human and what makes us authentically our own.


F*ck gatekeeping. Everyone should have the accessibility to information, education, and more. I believe in educating our communities. If I don't have answers, I will find them. Sharing and being kind to other's builds the best community possible. Words from other's can really impact one's journey and compliments are powerful. I do not believe in quitting. If you do not quit, you can't fail. Though there are days imposter syndrome, burnout, and feeling defeated seems unbreakable, I know it just makes us stronger in the end. 

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