Chicago DIY Magazine’s NEW Editorial-Inspired Custom Website

If you haven’t heard of Fux with Magazine yet, you’re missing out, BIG TIME.⁠

“Fux with Magazine is an online magazine and creative collective dedicated to recognizing, appreciating, and unraveling Chicago’s signature DIY art scene, and more specifically, the voices of those who mold it.”⁠

When we first started talking about creating a brand new website for fux with, we looked at the original website to see what we can spice uppp!!⁠

Though the original website was functional, it struggled with brand consistency, aligned direction, and a full web structure.⁠

Feeling stuck with a template not specifically designed for the magazine, it was hard to showcase their work in an authentic and bold way.⁠

Pushing through these struggles and mapping out a game plan to meet their goals, Fux with Magazine now has a full clear direction, unique positioning in their industry that sets them apart, and has a website that is eye-catching and empowering.⁠

If you’re an editorial-inspired business owner looking to feel confident in your brand and emulate your greatness, let’s fucking do it!!⁠

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