Episode 0: Introductions

Hey friends! Here are our introductions on who we are, what we do, and what you can expect from listening to The Unfiltered Ceos Podcast!!

This podcast is meant for us to sit down with a drink and have a conversation about everything, anything entrepreneurship!!

Though we have different backgrounds, we both have similar passions and work ethics in which we’ve gotten to a very similar point in our businesses. We are both 20 something-year-old brand and website designers who started businesses mid-pandemic.

We look forward to sitting down, having a drink, and getting into the juicy topics of biz and life!

Email us topic ideas, comments, questions, and more!


Morgan’s Instagram: @markowski.studio

Morgan’s Website: www.markowski.studio

Morgan’s Email: contact@markowski.studio

Brooke’s Instagram: @iambrookecsmith

Brooke’s Website: www.reverieinspiredco.com

Brooke’s Email: hello@reverieinspiredco.com


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