Episode 1: Never Enough Time in the Day

Brooke and Morgan discuss the saying “There’s Never Enough Time in a Day”. They talk about where it stems from, why we feel that way, how it’s kinda BS, and share personal stories when and why they’ve felt that way in the past. 

Diving deep into the struggles of to-do lists, whether you re-write your to-do list 10 times over and over again or don’t know what to prioritize because of the extreme overwhelm it makes you feel. You’re not alone. A lot of us business owners are doing all the work ourselves with little to no team. 

Maybe to help these feelings of stress and overwhelm, we can reward ourselves by clocking off early once everything off our to-do list is complete. But this is after we realize how long certain tasks take. With a little bit of experimentation to understand what works for you, you can start feeling like you have more time in the day, so you can work and play! You want to love and feel free in your business, not drained.

Tools Mentioned:
Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Asana

Quick Tips:

Do tasks that you like to do on Monday to kickstart your week!

Everyone functions differently — are you a morning person or a night owl?

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