Today we are so excited to talk about a topic that is at the forefront of our daily lives in our businesses, branding! Why you need it, how to get it, and breaking down exactly what this buzzword of “branding” even means. 

We talk about everything from the visual aspect of branding and even hint towards the importance of strategy in branding which we will go into detail on in Part 2. 

In short, visual branding can be broken down into the following parts…
Logo, Secondary, Favicon, Typesuite, Color Palette, Branded Elements, Visual Imagery 

The visual part of your brand is the forefront of your business that people get to see and remember you by. It is so far beyond just a logo, your visual brand should have meaning, intention, and strategy behind it. 

Follow along to hear us talk in-depth about our own processes when creating visual branding for clients, as well as some of our favorite brands that we admire for their branding.

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Episode 2: Brand Strategy Part 1


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