VIP Design Days

VIP Design Days are the HOLY GRAIL to design services.

Instead of getting on a designer’s waitlist and waiting if not weeks, but months for your design project to be finished, you can receive a project done in just 8 hours or less.

Who is it for?

VIP Days are really for anyone! But the following could really benefit from the quick turnaround and lower investment.

Startups and New Businesses

Online Service Providers


Product Based Businesses

Passion Projects


Project Ideas

Many projects can be done during a VIP Design Day, though VIP Days are based on time over deliverables.

Here are some projects to consider for your VIP Day:

Mini Brand Identity
Custom Sales Pages
Email Designs
Freebie/E-Book Design
Digital or Print Marketing Collateral
Custom Canva Templates
Showit Web Development
Website Template Customization


Some common questions regarding VIP Days:

Do I need to be available on my VIP Day?

Yes! You will receive updates throughout the day for feedback. When you are fully present throughout the day, I will be able to move through projects faster, so we can get more done. 

How early should I book a VIP Day?

With the requirement to have all preparation files and questionnaires completed one week before your VIP Day, I recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance to give you enough time to turn everything in.

What do I need to have prepared before?

In-depth questionnaire about your business and projects, brand guidelines, brand assets, images, copy, and any other materials for project creation. Before your day, I will reach out with any additional questions or requests if needed.

What if I need more time?

I do everything in my power to complete the work determined on your high priorities list though if we were not able to complete other projects on your list, you can book an additional full or half VIP Day to complete more! Not sure how long your project(s) may take? Send me a quick email!

Do we have to get on multiple Zoom calls?

Nope! Just a quick kick-off call via Zoom in the morning on your day. Everything else is communicated through Email or Voxer and your Notion Portal. 

Sound good?



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