Where to Use Your Logo

I think a lot of business owners either 1. don’t know that a brand is so much more than just having a logo and 2. don’t invest in branding because they don’t know how to use it — strategically.

Once you obtain a brand which again comes with a logo, where do you use it?

First, let’s identify why you should use your logo strategically.

Using a logo to represent your business visually will help you gain recognition. The idea of a logo is to allow a group of people, ideally, your target audience and dream clients, to recognize your business/brand visually.

Now… how do we use the logo? It depends on your business! I’d mostly focus on slapping your logo on all your marketing collateral, signatures, main digital platforms, physical products, and collateral.

Here’s a list of ideas on where and how to use your logo to it’s full advantage so you can build brand recognition.

+ Business Cards

+ Menus/Brochures

+ Websites/Apps

+ Guides

+ E-Books

+ Merch

+ Emails

+ and so much more!!

Now I know that’s a lot. A lot of businesses have on-site designers to help them build brand awareness through these types of marketing collateral designs. As an entrepreneur or small team, I can see why it might be difficult to have collateral that supports your marketing strategy. That’s why I offer VIP Design Days for businesses, just like yours!

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