Why Instagram is NOT Sustainable for Your Business

Idk about you but I see a lot of business owners taking breaks from social media. I know a lot of us debate it all the time. I see it every day.

I mean I don’t blame you, I feel this way too — a lot.

Sometimes social media feels a little too much like high school or it just feels like you can’t put down your phone and be present.

But whenever I feel like this and want to take a break from Instagram to focus on my mental health, client projects, take a trip, etc. I have this fear that I’m not going to get clients if I take a break… Or people are going to forget about me.

When I start to feel this way I have to remind myself that I have a website. Unless I stop paying for my domain subscription or a massive chaotic world-ending happens where the internet does not exist, I’ll still be marketing my business. Without even really trying.

woman with brown hair leaning against her hand sitting in a chair looking at the camera.

Social media is an outstanding tool to market your business and we’re able to connect with our people, our community. Relying on just social media to market your business though isn’t sustainable. Especially if you’ve felt overwhelmed, or drained from all you consume on a daily basis where you do feel the urge to take a break from it.

If we just rely on social media for our businesses, it kind of defeats the purpose of having the flexibility to take those mental health breaks so we can regain our energy to put back into the community we’ve built and the value we give to our clients.

It’s never too early to build a website for your business. I hear a lot of business owners who just started their entrepreneurial journey and feel this imposter syndrome or overall fear of getting started.

I’m here to assure you that there is so much power in having a website. Whether you start from scratch or use a template. It’s like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders because you know you’re being perceived as a professional, an authority, and shares the value and expertise you bring to the table when someone works with you.


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