Why your website is blending in with the crowd…

Your DIY website is blending into the crowd and here’s why.⁠..

We all know how integral a website is for your business (and if ya don’t, that’s a conversation for another day) but it is SOOOO easy to get lost in the sea of websites out there.⁠

You’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed (and probably spending a lil’ too much time comparing your site to other people’s websites) by all the elements that go into a website…⁠

Let alone trying to build one that is unique and stands out from the crowd.⁠

Here are my top 3 tips to creating a website that’s not only functional and converting, but also beautiful and uniquely you!!!⁠

  • Utilize a blog and talk about topics you are the expert in! nothing beats value and it also helps with SEO & increasing your traffic. really show off your personality in your writing!⁠
  • Moving graphics! you can find tons of stock videos and gifs to use. or even just utilizing funky transitions in your site!⁠
  • Brand + web strategy! if you go into web designing with no plan, it’s gonna be a hot mess. use strategic layouts, bold CTAs, have fresh content and make sure it’s user friendly!⁠

Imagine how it would feel to go from a basic & generic website, to one that is edgy and bold and STANDS OUT. ⁠

If you’re feeling too overwhelmed and want a creative expert to take your website off your hands, then I want to help you! I have multiple packages from template customization to full-blown custom design. ⁠

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